Monthly Archive: December 2014

Episode 8: New Years Special 2014

Happy New YearWe rap up 2014 with a selection of clips from all the interviews to date, as well as a teaser for the up-coming year. Happy New Year Folks! We’re just getting started! See you in 2015! explicit

Episode 7: Christmas Special 2014

Xmas EpisodeSeason’s Greeting from the Movin’ Air crew! Come and hang out on our very first Christmas special. We have drinks, cook some food, tell some tales and even have a conversation with Santa! Yes Santa! Don’t miss it! explicit

Episode 6: Roger Psutka, Part 2

unnamedPart II of Roger’s story delves into his struggle with panic attacks and anxiety and the intricacy of coming out as a gay man at the age of 27. We also learn of his mother’s death and where the road takes him now. explicit

Episode 5: Roger Psutka, Part 1

Roger PsutkaWe couldn’t find a way to tell Roger’s story in just one episode, so we turned it into a two-parter. You people are in for a treat.

In this episode we rehash Roger’s year-long stay in a hospital as a child. We also talk about his love of music, being in bands, and eventually touring as the soundman with Our Lady Peace, The Wailers (Monitor Tech) and ultimately The Blue Man Group. And don’t forget about the drug years, can’t forget about them. explicit

Episode 4: Heather Schock

unnamed-211x300-smA great talk about the different relationships in Heather’s life; mother-daughter, husband-wife, daughter-mother, and how she has, and continues, to navigate them all. We also learn of the changes in her life once her daughter was born, and growing up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada. explicit