Monthly Archive: February 2015

Episode 16: Leigh Cooney

LeighLeigh gives us an insight into being an Irish immigrant and how bullying caused him to feel like a social outcast from a very young age, and how he turned those feelings into his current career as an artist of Outsider Art. The discussion extends into what it’s like to chase the dream of being an artist full-time while being a father and husband. explicit

Episode 15: Nuno Teixeira

Nuno-Teixeira-thumbNuno (our web guy!) is a fascinating character on a never-ending search for creativeness in his art and writing, which are both firmly rooted in the world of comics, and his own imprint, XEI. Come with us as we cover topics as wide-ranging as, what it’s like to be a twin, wanting to be a father, (with or without a spouse), art school, the concept of death, and what he means by his 3-strike rule. There is no shortage of opinions in this one folks. explicit

Episode 14: Steve “Woody” Woodfield

10805531_10152463732741186_1041003839_nWoody explains his early love of the road and being an L.D. (Lighting Director) for local 80s glam rock band, Syre, and how he toured with major label bands. We also dig into Woody’s struggle with drugs and alcoholism, the stress it put on his family, and how he overcame these addictions to actually become an addiction counselor, and valedictorian of his class. The circle of life. explicit

Episode 13: Mark Essner

Mark EssnerWouldn’t it be cool to grow up on a tropical island? Mark tells us what its like to be raised a Bermudian and then to eventually move to the winter-wonderland that is Canada. We also delve into Mark’s thoughts on interracial marriage, his early succession of jobs, one as a P.I., and how he is slowly taking over the family business while still being active in the community and his photography. explicit