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Movin’ Air Podcast Short Hiatus

Well, Hello People!

We just want to let you know that the Movin’ Air Podcast will be taking a short hiatus. We truly appreciate all the support you have given us over the last year and a half! Your response and feedback and dedication to the show has been overwhelming, but unfortunately we need a break to solve some back-end issues to the site and the overall podcasting process. We will do our best to get back up and running within the next coupe of months, if not sooner. We apologize for the hiccup and ask you to stay faithful to the show, but we have to get a few things worked out.

We suggest liking our Facebook Page at: for updates and details.

Don’t worry, we WILL be back! We are still taking interview requests and have many booked throughout the next couple of months. There are so many great tales still to be told. We promise the wait will be worth it!

Thanks again!

Pat Lackenbauer
Your Faithful Host

…oh and hey, until we return….be good to each other out there!

Episode 22: Pete Thompson

PetePete is a self-proclaimed seat-of-the-pants kinda guy filled with wanderlust, measuring happiness day-to-day, moment-by-moment. His life story builds from playing in bands, traveling Europe, to settling down in a country setting, surrounded by family and what its like to be a young-ish Grandpa. We also stir up some painful memories of childhood trauma, self-medicating and the difficulties of over-coming strained relationships and the search for understanding and acceptance. explicit

Episode 21: Shawn Kellerman

Shawn KellermanThis episode Shawn talks about growing up an only child in a household filled with music and learning to play the blues from a very early age. We discover what it takes to become a blues player based out of Canada under the mentorship of local legend, Mel Brown, and making the decision to move to Mississippi to chase his dreams and travel the world. Shawn also discussed the importance of being a good father and husband and always making the time for these aspects of his life. explicit

Episode 20: Arun Pal

Arun PalArun talks about being a Dad and parenting after the difficult end of his marriage, creating music any way possible and how religion has played a role in his life. explicit

Episode 19: Mitch Mommaerts

Mitch MommaertsThis particular interview was one of about 10 “test” conversations done using a digital recorder, before the Movin’ Air crew got serious and bought some fancy-schmacy gear for better sound quality. These original conversations were done to test the waters and see if Pat “had it” or not, and if we could find interesting stories with guests. The jury is still out on if Pat is any good, but we really loved Mitch’s talk and asked to use it in an official episode. He agreed.

You want to talk about a guy that’s willing to try it all, and spend the time and resources to make it happen? Well Mitch is that guy. Growing up half Japanese, half Belgium. Skateboarding, playing in bands, learning to dance, DJing, starting his own graphic design/I.T. business, property ownership-management, canoeing, biking, motor biking. Taking the time to learn and do things properly. Taking big chances by dropping what he does so well, and has been successful at, and then focusing on a new area in his life. Mitch also points himself in the direction of the road less traveled, pulling the positive out of life at every turn. This guy is an inspiration.

…., and stop calling him Johnny Depp already. explicit

Episode 18: Tim Wilcox

Tim WilcoxOn this episode we talk with Tim, self proclaimed black sheep of the family, and chit-chat about partying in high school, searching for a career, struggling through his first marriage, and then blending families in his second (common-law). We also focus on our shared love of old architecture, Detroit, and Blues and BBQs. And what about those hats of his?!  explicit

Episode 17: Simon Head

SimonFellow podcast host, Simon Head, has had an interesting life. His fascination with sound engineering and musicianship led him to years on the road with his own bands, almost dying in a van crash, and eventually to touring with international punk band, SUM 41. Armed with the DIY attitude, Simon crisscrossed the country with his traveling recording studio creating music all along the way. We also discuss our shared heartbreak with having a brother that committed suicide and the fall out from that, as well as his deep love and gratitude for his wife and children. explicit

Episode 16: Leigh Cooney

LeighLeigh gives us an insight into being an Irish immigrant and how bullying caused him to feel like a social outcast from a very young age, and how he turned those feelings into his current career as an artist of Outsider Art. The discussion extends into what it’s like to chase the dream of being an artist full-time while being a father and husband. explicit

Episode 15: Nuno Teixeira

Nuno-Teixeira-thumbNuno (our web guy!) is a fascinating character on a never-ending search for creativeness in his art and writing, which are both firmly rooted in the world of comics, and his own imprint, XEI. Come with us as we cover topics as wide-ranging as, what it’s like to be a twin, wanting to be a father, (with or without a spouse), art school, the concept of death, and what he means by his 3-strike rule. There is no shortage of opinions in this one folks. explicit

Episode 14: Steve “Woody” Woodfield

10805531_10152463732741186_1041003839_nWoody explains his early love of the road and being an L.D. (Lighting Director) for local 80s glam rock band, Syre, and how he toured with major label bands. We also dig into Woody’s struggle with drugs and alcoholism, the stress it put on his family, and how he overcame these addictions to actually become an addiction counselor, and valedictorian of his class. The circle of life. explicit