Episode 19: Mitch Mommaerts

Mitch MommaertsThis particular interview was one of about 10 “test” conversations done using a digital recorder, before the Movin’ Air crew got serious and bought some fancy-schmacy gear for better sound quality. These original conversations were done to test the waters and see if Pat “had it” or not, and if we could find interesting stories with guests. The jury is still out on if Pat is any good, but we really loved Mitch’s talk and asked to use it in an official episode. He agreed.

You want to talk about a guy that’s willing to try it all, and spend the time and resources to make it happen? Well Mitch is that guy. Growing up half Japanese, half Belgium. Skateboarding, playing in bands, learning to dance, DJing, starting his own graphic design/I.T. business, property ownership-management, canoeing, biking, motor biking. Taking the time to learn and do things properly. Taking big chances by dropping what he does so well, and has been successful at, and then focusing on a new area in his life. Mitch also points himself in the direction of the road less traveled, pulling the positive out of life at every turn. This guy is an inspiration.

…., and stop calling him Johnny Depp already. explicit