Episode 58: Bob Shindle

bob shindle cropThis episode is chocked full! We chat with one of Canada’s best soundmen, Mr. Bob Shindle, and discuss how he basically fell into the role. Bob shares with us his approach to being a sound technician and how he sees music as colours when mixing. Come with us as we hear touring tales with Canadian stars, Larry Gowan (now the singer with Styx), Kim Mitchel (Max Webster), David Wilcox and engineering live sessions with popular Toronto radio station, Q107, but the road can have its pit falls too. Bob opens up about his past addictions with drinking and drugs, and how the distance from family can take a heavy toll on your personal life. Now the Head of Sound for the Canadian Opera Company and National Ballet, we discuss getting clean and the twilight of his career. And what a career it has been! A great chat with thoughtful and gentle man.explicit