Episode 63: Kim Wardell – Part 2

1656141_10151851219691761_810143917_nIn this episode we continue on with Kim’s incredible tale of endurance and durability. Her addictive personality has her obsessed with skydiving, parking a trailer in the drop-zone. Her live-in-the-moment style has her leave everything behind and travel to Europe where an emotional epiphany on a mountainside informs her future. Family estrangement, dealing with her “badass”, bullet filled stepfather’s last wishes, it takes a long while for her to finally quit her old life and begin anew. The process begins with a friendly neighbor’s invitation to attend a church service where she eventually discovers the presence of God, who in return breaks her into pieces, forcing her to take a hard look within. Listen as we discuss strange dreams that guide her to help those less fortunate then her, and how becoming a mother changed her life in every way possible for the better. And finally, we discuss her marriage (Sean Croley EP:54) and blended family as her latest challenge to overcome.

An inspiring, adventure filled saga to say the least.explicit