Monthly Archive: May 2015

Episode 29: John Bergen

John-BergenLocal KW entrepreneur, John Bergen, is a smart, opinionated character destined to be his own boss and follow his own rules. After closing down his first ceramic business, John and a partner started up the successful City Café franchise based on the “honesty system” and has never looked back. We find out about John’s constant search for knowledge and his never-ending curiosity for life in general, as well as his organizing nature and love of gatherings and community. Want to discover how to run a successful business? Then you might want to listen to this man’s unique business practices and approaches. Good stuff.explicit

Episode 28: Andrew F Butters

Andrew F Butters PhotoAttention seeker Andrew F. Butters was raised in a typical working-class Canadian family playing hockey and getting good grades. Although successful at his full-time corporate gig, Andrew’s true passion is in bringing out his creative side through blogging, working on a couple books at a time, and creating music that ended up in an art-swap with Kevin Smith of “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob” fame. We also learn about the tragic loss of his brother-in-law, and what its like to deal with his daughter’s serious spinal surgery and her heroic recovery process. And wait until to hear about is many misadventures. There is no shortage of stories in this episode!explicit

Episode 27: Terry Barna

30527_10150195553075191_8290545_nTerry is a guy that squeezes every last drop out of life by searching out new experiences and taking advantage of very opportunity that has crossed his path. He has found a way, with the support of the family he adores, to seamlessly blend his corporate responsibilities with his creative ambitions to get the most out of life. He was briefly part of the Toronto Second City troupe, has acted in TV shows and plays, set up satellite offices in international destinations and basically kept that childlike spirit that has suited him so well. Come enjoy the ride that is Mr.Barna’s world.explicit

Episode 26: Frank Imeson

A real individual, Frank shares his thoughts on his lack of social pressure and his live-in-the-now attitude. We discuss his yearning for adventure and education and his need for life experience. Finally we find out how he deals with the heartbreaking news that his brother has terminal cancer.explicit