Monthly Archive: June 2015

Episode 34: Susan Parr

Susan ParrCurrently facing cancer, Susan talks to us about beating it, while keeping a smile firmly planted on her face. But there is so much more to this inspirational woman! We also talk about her being adopted at an early age, working in broadcasting for CKCO TV, acting in local theatre, the love of her family, and being the Queen of cocktail competition! You gotta listen to get the ingredients; for the drinks, as well as life itself!explicit

Episode 33: Tony Reinhart

Tony ReinhartBorn into a creative family of six siblings, Tony is the youngest. Our chat explores Tony’s search for fulfillment, from career choices to relationships. We discuss his rise in Canadian journalism starting with a couple of local newspapers, and to his eventual award winning days at national giant, The Globe and Mail. We talk about what it’s like to be a professional journalist and the need to protect yourself emotionally, yet how rewarding it can be, and how much more appreciative he is of life in general. On a more personal note we find out that after feeling his true self slipping away in his first marriage, Tony reinvents himself in his next, later in life and how much he loves being a Dad to all four of his kids! This episode is filled with great insight and accomplishments.explicit

Episode 32: Lisa Malleck

Lisa MalleckSelf proclaimed “pleaser”, mother and accomplished photographer, Lisa Malleck, still feels like she is searching for that one career in life where her passion for it can not be denied. We talk of the difficult circumstances behind her mother’s alcoholism, their strained relationship, and her one regret after her mother’s death. We also learn of her amicable divorce, and fantastic new life she has created with her new love and blended family. An open and honest talk from start to finish.explicit

Episode 31: Andrew Coppolino

Andrew CoppolinoAndrew has always had a passion for cuisine, and being raised Italian and French, he couldn’t have asked for better cultures to come from. He grew up with a love of literature and art, and ended up combining his interest in food and the written word to become a Restaurant Reviewer for The Record newspaper and ECHO magazine. Part freelance writer and stay at home Dad, Andrew has split his time doing the things he loves most while promoting community and health.explicit

Episode 30: Colin Hunter

Colin HunterOnce awarded, “Best Sports Writer in Canada”, metal-music loving, pro-wrestling aficionado, Colin Hunter is one hell-of-a interesting guy! We learn of his English teaching stint in Japan, trading mix-tapes and zines, and how he landed a prime writing gig at The Perimeter Institute. And do you want to find out if his eight-year engagement will ever end in marriage, or if the, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” concept will prevail? There is only one way to find out.explicit