Monthly Archive: January 2016

Episode 64: Ian Tanner

12347831_10156300902830402_3823624639859125616_nRaised by a single mother after his father’s passing, we discover Ian is a life long musician following his passion via Rock, Christian and Country bands. Early on we find Ian joining a Christian Rock band, being signed to a Christian Rock label, and what it means to travel and tour in that community. Find out the ups and downs of doing so. From a relationship stand point, we chat about why his first marriage ended, the music that came from it, and the happiness his second marriage has brought him. Currently touring the world with Jim Witter in a live multimedia music show, Ian talks about his need for alone time and keeping most people at a safe distance while still maintaining a good sense of humour, and a positive outlook. An enjoyable upbeat conversation with a good guy.explicit

Episode 63: Kim Wardell – Part 2

1656141_10151851219691761_810143917_nIn this episode we continue on with Kim’s incredible tale of endurance and durability. Her addictive personality has her obsessed with skydiving, parking a trailer in the drop-zone. Her live-in-the-moment style has her leave everything behind and travel to Europe where an emotional epiphany on a mountainside informs her future. Family estrangement, dealing with her “badass”, bullet filled stepfather’s last wishes, it takes a long while for her to finally quit her old life and begin anew. The process begins with a friendly neighbor’s invitation to attend a church service where she eventually discovers the presence of God, who in return breaks her into pieces, forcing her to take a hard look within. Listen as we discuss strange dreams that guide her to help those less fortunate then her, and how becoming a mother changed her life in every way possible for the better. And finally, we discuss her marriage (Sean Croley EP:54) and blended family as her latest challenge to overcome.

An inspiring, adventure filled saga to say the least.explicit

Episode 62: Kim Wardell – Part 1

Kim Wardell ImageYou’re going to have to buckle up real tight for this two-part episode folks. Kim’s journey is extensive, filled with unfathomable challenges and struggle, abuse, addiction, constant movement and eventual blessings in her fairly newfound Christian outlook. Without her outgoing, driven nature, and endless well of love, we wonder if she would have made it to the place she currently resides in. We discover the gypsy essence and mental health issues within her family, and her search for a true father figure, often in unhealthy and unsatisfying ways. A fascinating story of survival and belief, join us for part one.explicit

Episode 61: Stephanie Soulis

Stephanie Soulis ImageSelf proclaimed “keener”, Stephanie walks us through her self-driven life. We uncover the steps towards becoming a teacher, only to move on into the restaurant business, and eventually towards the creation of her own successful catering company and the work and joy involved in doing so. She gives us insight into why things didn’t work out with her first husband, whom she met at a very young age, and how their open marriage may have played into it. We also discuss the familiar topics of blending families, as well as dealing with family health issues. A fantastic episode to start the year off right.explicit