Monthly Archive: February 2016

Episode 68: Derek Wildfong

derek wildfongDerek grew up under extremely difficult circumstances. His lost his father when he was child and was raised by a mother that was forced to go on welfare. He faced the cruelty of being bullied, and suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a predator. It took years of anxiety attacks, anger and heart issues to come to the realization that there must be a better way to live. We find out how in this courageous tale. We also hear about why he chose to join the military at a very young age, and how his determination and work ethic allowed him to become a live soundman and what it was like to tour with 80s hair metal bands, and eventually work with one of the largest production companies in Canada. Come with us in this story of a survivor.explicit

Episode 67: Dan Burjoski

danStoryteller, public speaker, financial planner, Dan Burjoski walks us thru his life. We learn how he balances his creative side with his more conservative side. From musician, wedding DJ and actor, to public speaking, and his interest in politics. The conversation touches on health, the potential danger of painkiller use, and what its like to divorce after 18 years and start the dating process all over again. A lover of conversation, Dan’s humour shines thru in this one. Find out if he bares it all while playing one of the leads in the “Full Monty”.explicit

Episode 66: Marion Grousopoulos

MARIONMarion is a grounded; take it as it comes kinda person. She explains her parents reasoning for sending her away to private school, and the idea of rewriting yourself. We discuss her love of being a Mom, volunteering for a variety of causes and festivals, and what she is most proud of in her life. We even chat about her keeping a campfire going for 13 days straight up at her trailer. Now that is an accomplishment!explicit

Episode 65: Steve Lehmann

Steve Lehmann ImageSmall town family man, Steve Lehmann, discusses his inner nerd when it comes to favorite topics like science, theoretical physics and computers. We key in on his passion for music and his different musical outlets such as his business; a music lesson studio and KW Glee, as well as scoring for film and animation. We also learn about being a stay-at-home Dad and why he feels he has a charmed life. Come and relax with this easy-going episode.explicit