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January 2022 (up-date)


Well, Hello People!

Just a heads up this site is no longer running on a regular basis. We had blast bringing you some super cool life stories and thank all involved, but have gone onto other creative adventures. You can still access all of these fantastic stories, so dig in and have to check

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Be good to each other out there, weird times!

Thanks again!

Pat Lackenbauer

Episode 72: Mike “The Captain” Duhamel

MIKE DUHAMELWell folks, fasten your seat belt for this episode. “The Captain” has taken the wheel and we are all going for a wild ride. Mike “The Captain” Duhamel is a BIG character overflowing with tales and misadventure. His story telling takes us from constructing his own log cabin and thoughts of becoming a hermit, to meeting his one true love, to selling jewelry on the road, building his property empire, to the death of his son from cancer and being incarcerated in one Canada’s most notorious prisons. Emotions carry this one right to the very end. It’s a must listen.explicit

Banjo transitional music pieces by Thomas Reinhart

Episode 71: Jamie Warren

Jamie WarrenWe had a lot of fun in this episode speaking with (multiple) Juno nominated country recording-artist Jamie Warren, about the music industry as a whole, and the intricacies of a song. We learn of his initial interest in becoming an NHL player and a radio GM, only to win a song-writing contest that put him on the road, literally, to life as a touring musician. We eventually delve into raising children, teaching, and future projects in the works. We go out on a fantastic original tune by Jamie.explicit

Episode 70: Don McDougall

Don McDougalA born drummer, Donnie knew he wanted to be a musician while watching Buddy Rich on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson at the tender age five. We chat about his career playing in bands, doing session work, teaching and his love of musicals. A discussion about health has him opening up about his depression and facing cancer this past year. Finally, we discuss the love of his life and getting married to a woman 12 years his senior while taking on the responsibility of two teenage children. Hesitant at first to do the podcast, we’re glad he decided to take a chance, and we’re sure you will be as well.explicit

Episode 69: Tom Cummings

Tom CummingsMissouri born drummer / percussionist, Tom Cummings has spent his life following his passion of playing in Big Band/Jazz Bands based out of Houston, Texas while traveling around the world. A big storyteller, we find out his path to becoming a musician and veer off into tales of the road, artists he has played with, a dramatic flight situation and moving up to Canada late in life to reunite with his first great love, only to lose her 5 years later. But would he do it all over again? Find out in this week’s episode.explicit