The Movin’ Air with pat lackenbauer podcast is tellin’ stories, one person at a time.

Once a week Pat explores the history of one particular individual. For the show, it doesn’t matter who or where the person comes from because we all have a story to tell, and Movin’ Air wants to hear ‘em all. It could be a chef, a butcher, a touring road manager, a postman, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a garbage-man, a grocery store clerk, a musician, everyone and anyone, it’s all good to us. We’re interested in scratching the surface to get at some sort of truth. We are not exclusively the black and white that we generally present to the world, so this podcast delves into the grey, searching for what makes up the fabric of our lives.

As the host and head mouthpiece for the show, Pat Lackenbauer is obsessed with people and why we do the things we do, and that comes out in his interview style, which is more conversational in nature. If we can have some sort of understanding for those around us, we can quite possibly understand ourselves a bit better. We all have dysfunction and imperfections we deal with, and we all have the ability to dream and inspire, so Movin’ Air is constantly looking for that balance with each guest that sits in “The Chair”.

If there is a goal for the podcast, it is to help us have more compassion for those around us, and try to make each of us more relatable, while of course offering up some entertaining tales throughout. I mean, who doesn’t like a good story?!

Sound good? Well then… Let’s get at it!