Host & Head Mouthpiece / Show Producer: Pat Lackenbauer

Well let’s see here folks. My day gig is as the GM of a music store-production company, but a lot of my life has been in sales. Believe it or not, being a salesman actually helps for the type of podcast I’ve created. Being in sales you ask a lot of questions, hoping to get to bottom of things, and to learn. That’s the sort of approach I take with my conversations on the podcast.

But there’s much more to me than just my job. I am an artist, I write and draw, I create. I eat pizza, lots of pizza. I love music and movies…GOOD music and movies. I started an indie record label when I was a kid, managed bands, booked shows, did lights for bands and wandered around in the music industry. I am somewhat neurotic and over-think shit, but find myself relaxing into life more and more as the days go by. I canoe and kayak and dig the great outdoors. I am a bit too sensitive. I am down to 1 cat that I adore and am annoyed by at the same time. I read, a lot. True Crime and Biographies are big on my list. Of course Biographies. I love fire pits, nothing like a blaze to strike up some juicy chit-chat. I have become a bit of recluse these days, so much so that my neighbours actually take pictures and video when I cross the street, like it’s some sort of Bigfoot sighting. I have monstrously high arches and have no sense of smell, and YES I can taste. I watch football and MMA. I won’t be put into a tight little box or be defined by a particular category. I’m a lot of things to a lot of different people, like us all.

I’m also obsessed with people and why we do the things we do, thus the podcast.

I have been a daily podcast junkie for many years now and decided at the start of 2014 that I wanted to take a kick-at-the-can and put a show together, one that I’d like to hear. In general I’m a guy that asks too many questions, digs a little deeper than most, and wants to know things a lot of folks are afraid to ask. Some people call me nosey, some call me polarizing, some say I’m intuitive; but the truth of the matter is that I am simply a curious guy. I just wanta know. I am a searcher, no doubt about it. Why am I here? What’s the point of it all? Where can I go from here? Why do we humans do the shit we do? It all interests me to no end.

The point is that I am super inquisitive and love to have conversations with people and get to know them, REALLY get to know them. I want to hear and tell stories that matter (and they all matter!) ideally from an honest and open standpoint. The more that folks share; the more I feel we can all connect. I want to know about each person’s hopes and dreams, their struggles and challenges, their passions, and their rise from the ashes. All the best music and film and art come from a deeper truthful place, and maybe, just maybe, we can create a show that reflects a little bit of that, ourselves.

So, there you go. The podcast is me having conversations with everyday, regular folks, just like me and you. Everyone has a story to tell and I want to hear ‘em all. If that kinda stuff interests you, then we’re good to go.

So yeah, that’s a bit about me.

But truthfully, if you really want to know me, than there’s only one way to do that.

Come and hear for yourself!

Let’s get at it!

Cowell photoMaster Editor: Jeff “Drum Muffin” Cowell

…”Hey Cowell….you need to write up a bio about yourself for the webpage”. I knew that was going to come from Pat’s mouth sooner or later.  I hate doing these things, but….

First, I just have to say I love this project. It’s perfect for me. It kind of reflects a lot of my other endeavors over the years. Generally anything I get involved with either has to be enjoyable, and/or intrigues and pushes me to learn new and different things. This project gives me both.

I identify myself first as a musician. My main instrument is drums. I’m not sure if it has been luck, or if it has been by design (maybe a combination of both), but music has been a constant in my life. I have found a balance between surrounding myself with something I love while at the same time not tiring of it.

Here are a few more bits of information for you all….

  • I have always lived in the Kitchener-Waterloo area
  • I am married with 2 boys
  • I have a beard. It is not about fashion, it’s about low maintenance
  • I work at Sherwood Music (musical instruments sales) since 1989!!
  • I teach beginner guitar and drums at my home studio. It is a pretty cool building. It is also the edit studio for the Movin’ Air Podcast
  • Here is a link if you want to check it out
  • I still actively perform live around 6-8 times a month
  • I’m not very confident in social situations, but I love people. Figure that one out!!“I don’t like work, but I don’t like waste” – John Gorka

…so there you go. Thanks for listening.