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Episode 42: Vacation Episode

Summer-Vacation Episode ImageFeaturing all new material, we whisk you to distant shores on this week’s episode with clips from all of our guests over the last year talking about their favorite vacations and/or what they love about summer, especially here in Canada. (leave that winter snow behind!) Get ready to relax and recharge on this funny, sunny installment.explicit

Episode 41: Ian Graham

Ian Graham

RUSH super fan, Ian Graham, focuses us in on his passion for all things music; from his band “Eye Rhyme” (They are big in Mexico FYI!) to his “Small Dog” recording studio, we never drift too far. We also explore his political views, especially on the environment and global warming, and how he has taken his own steps by running his van on vegetable oil, and installing solar panels on his home and rental property. This independently minded individual speaks from the heart all the way thru. Come for a listen, but don’t get him started in those MAC stores.explicit

Episode 40: Sylvia Pond


Sylvia PondIn this episode we hear of Sylvia’s family running from Poland at a time of fear and transition, to a German refugee camp, eventually on to Canada, and how these circumstances have formed this take charge lady. This creative individual tells us about her love of acting, singing in a band playing Boney M and ABBA tunes, and how she began her current career as a photographer. We also discuss getting married at an early age and whether or not to have children, her chronic headaches, Yoga, and being a Thanatophobia. (Even Sylvia will have to look up this one)explicit

Episode 39: Heather Caton

Heather CatonA lover of music, art and animals, Heather Caton is a relaxed, hard working mother of one young son. We chat about taking on the responsibility of home ownership at an early age, dog sledding, being a Home Schooling Mom, the difficulties of a broken marriage, and travelling the summer Festival circuit in her teardrop trailer, selling her unique glasswork jewelry. A casual laid back discussion with a person looking to experience life, and move through it in positive, drama-free atmosphere.explicit

Episode 38: Lindsay Stewart

Lindsay StewartRaised a roaming military brat, we discuss Lindsay’s abusive childhood and how it may have led to a now controlled drug addiction, and on-going mental health issues. Now a videographer working with the 12 Angry Filmmakers group, we delve into his creative mind and life as a musician, writer, poet and acting in TV shows such as, Witchblade, Peter Benchley’s Amazon, and even playing Eddie Kramer in a Showtime movie, “Hendrix”. There are no shortage of interests and adventures in this episode, from his survival of a lightening strike, to being a drug holder for the mafia, to his love of all things space! We get it all on the table in this one.explicit

Episode 37: KJ Bedford

KJ BEDFORDKatrina-Jennifer, or KJ to most, is a grounded, extremely creative, goal oriented individual open to new ideas and experiences. We find out how moving around frequently as an adolescent, and being raised by her father, while her mother was away in Southern California, has affected her. Talk ultimately leads to her passion for photography and multi-media and her eventual stint as a professor at Durham College. We end the conversation with her thoughts on marriage and children and the quick passing of her mother at a fairly early age. A fascinating, fun talk from start to finish.explicit

Episode 36: The Canoe Trip Episode

canoe boysWe have a different one for you this week folks!

Today’s episode is based around Pat’s true love of interior camping, Algonquin Provincial Park in particular. We chat about gear, food, preparation, yet combine it with personal talks with close friends, recorded on the trip itself up along the shore, fishing, sitting under a tarp while the rain drifts in, and lazing beside blazing camp fires. Sure we chat about camping, but we also learn about the group and the bonds created, the individuals themselves, death, solo tripping, and a whole range of introspection…with maybe a little bit of useless ramblings throughout! Good times were had by all! Now jump in the canoe and let’s get at it!explicit

Episode 35: Heather Kocsis

Heather KocsisIn this episode, Pat speaks with his latest favorite artist, Heather Kocsis. Growing up a romantic idealist, yet somewhat sad and introverted child of divorced parents, we discover Heather’s origins as a future world-class artist and meditative soul-searcher. We chat about her schooling in fine arts and what it has taken to not only to source out her own artistic vision, and run her own business, but also her exploration of a higher level of consciousness. An interesting individual all-around, we even discuss Korean melodramas, traveling in Thailand, and growing her collector base in the heart of the art world, New York City.explicit

Episode 34: Susan Parr

Susan ParrCurrently facing cancer, Susan talks to us about beating it, while keeping a smile firmly planted on her face. But there is so much more to this inspirational woman! We also talk about her being adopted at an early age, working in broadcasting for CKCO TV, acting in local theatre, the love of her family, and being the Queen of cocktail competition! You gotta listen to get the ingredients; for the drinks, as well as life itself!explicit

Episode 33: Tony Reinhart

Tony ReinhartBorn into a creative family of six siblings, Tony is the youngest. Our chat explores Tony’s search for fulfillment, from career choices to relationships. We discuss his rise in Canadian journalism starting with a couple of local newspapers, and to his eventual award winning days at national giant, The Globe and Mail. We talk about what it’s like to be a professional journalist and the need to protect yourself emotionally, yet how rewarding it can be, and how much more appreciative he is of life in general. On a more personal note we find out that after feeling his true self slipping away in his first marriage, Tony reinvents himself in his next, later in life and how much he loves being a Dad to all four of his kids! This episode is filled with great insight and accomplishments.explicit