Episode 24: Lauren Reedy – Part 1

1522028_10152241950376526_5419974478609424252_nLauren has led a fascinating life filled with amazing experiences! It’s so good actually, that we have decided to break her story into 2 episodes. This is Part I.

She comes to us via her husband, EP 9  guest, Chris Malleck. (http://movinairpod.com/episode-9-chris-malleck/) Lauren’s early rural life has her contemplating becoming a nun and if that is her true calling. Adventure and travel are clearly her passions as we find Lauren selling hemp crafts on the streets of British Columbia and eventually living and trapping, alone, in a log cabin in the deepest forests of the Yukon. We round out the conversation with the bourbon soaked tale of discovering her true love at a summer music festival while singing tunes around a crackling camp fire and the happiness this romance and their family life has brought into her life.explicit