Episode 44: Mark Auld – Part 1

Mark Auld 1We’ve got another two-parter for you, my AirHead Hardcore. Every once in a while a life-story is so jammed packed with information and adventure, we need to split it up, and Mark’s is most certainly one of those.

Mark takes us on a long and wild journey of turmoil and chaos. He explains his live hard, die young attitude, and how his heavy substance taking bandaged his insecurity and depression. In this episode we learn of his thrill seeking, bone breaking ways, jumping snowmobiles, leaping off cliffs, and his complete lack of concern for his well being. Morphing from preppy guy to rocker to charismatic leader, we dig deep into his young man’s psyche. No stone gets left unturned in this gripping tale.

We leave off Part 1 with Mark heading out West to see where the road takes him. Come on back next week for Part 2…it only gets more intense.explicit