Episode 55: Robi Banerji

Robi BanerjiWhen it comes to studio work, Robi has done it all and worked with a who’s who in the music industry. Whether he is first engineer, assistant engineer, or producing, we get into the nitty-gritty of gear, recording technics, and why he has dedicated his entire life to his profession. From working with Daniel Lanois, to artists such as Big Sugar, Neil Young, The Stones and U2, there is no shortage of tales to be told. But it all comes down to the work for him and giving those artists exactly what they want. Born of Indian and Norwegian parents and raised in both, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, he feels blessed to have had so many different experiences while growing up. Flipping back and forth between recording and live work at The Mint in LA, Robi loves to change it up. This one is jammed packed.explicit