Movin' Air with pat lackenbauer

Episode 62: Kim Wardell – Part 1

Kim Wardell ImageYou’re going to have to buckle up real tight for this two-part episode folks. Kim’s journey is extensive, filled with unfathomable challenges and struggle, abuse, addiction, constant movement and eventual blessings in her fairly newfound Christian outlook. Without her outgoing, driven nature, and endless well of love, we wonder if she would have made it to the place she currently resides in. We discover the gypsy essence and mental health issues within her family, and her search for a true father figure, often in unhealthy and unsatisfying ways. A fascinating story of survival and belief, join us for part one.explicit

Episode 61: Stephanie Soulis

Stephanie Soulis ImageSelf proclaimed “keener”, Stephanie walks us through her self-driven life. We uncover the steps towards becoming a teacher, only to move on into the restaurant business, and eventually towards the creation of her own successful catering company and the work and joy involved in doing so. She gives us insight into why things didn’t work out with her first husband, whom she met at a very young age, and how their open marriage may have played into it. We also discuss the familiar topics of blending families, as well as dealing with family health issues. A fantastic episode to start the year off right.explicit

Episode 60: New Years Special 2015

New Years Episode ImageWelcome to our annual special variety show to cap off a stellar year. Every year we splice together sections from many episodes over the last year, detailing the challenges, accomplishments and wild stories from many of our guests. What an extraordinary year it has been for us on the Movin’ Air with pat lackenbauer podcast! We were honored to hear the compelling life stories of so many fascinating souls who courageously shared the intimate details of their lives.

We can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming up in 2016. But for now, Happy New Year to our AirHead HardCore, we truly value your support!explicit

Episode 59: Xmas Special

Christmas 2015 Epsidoe 1It’s that time of the year once again folks! Grab an Eggnog and come with us as we chat and celebrate never before heard Christmas moments from many of our past podcast guests. The Mouthpiece and The Drum Muffin would also like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas to all our listeners, The AirHead HardCore! Keep your eyes on the sky for that big rolly guy!explicit

Episode 58: Bob Shindle

bob shindle cropThis episode is chocked full! We chat with one of Canada’s best soundmen, Mr. Bob Shindle, and discuss how he basically fell into the role. Bob shares with us his approach to being a sound technician and how he sees music as colours when mixing. Come with us as we hear touring tales with Canadian stars, Larry Gowan (now the singer with Styx), Kim Mitchel (Max Webster), David Wilcox and engineering live sessions with popular Toronto radio station, Q107, but the road can have its pit falls too. Bob opens up about his past addictions with drinking and drugs, and how the distance from family can take a heavy toll on your personal life. Now the Head of Sound for the Canadian Opera Company and National Ballet, we discuss getting clean and the twilight of his career. And what a career it has been! A great chat with thoughtful and gentle man.explicit

Episode 57: Leo Valvassori

Leo ValvassoriLeo’s story is that of a creative individual; playing bass in bands, touring live, studio work, and the occasional producing job. We hear about gigging with local legend, and universally recognized bluesman, Mel Brown, touring with “The Hawk”, Ronnie Hawkins, Ms. Black Velvet herself, Alannah Myles, and the day-to-day life of a musician. Talk turns to early struggles when Leo learned he had Lymphoma in his early twenties and how making it through cancer informed his life. A great chat with a cool cat.explicit

Episode 56: Scott Corman

Scott Corman PhotoLife chaser, knowledge hunter, Scott Corman tells us about growing up in a tight knit family where his love of community first began. We discuss combining his business and creative instincts by starting a vintage guitar business, playing in a band, booking acts and raves, and becoming a full time photographer. Scott’s curious mind has led him down different paths including yoga, traveling and meeting the love of his life. His positive nature is what shines through in this episode.explicit

Episode 55: Robi Banerji

Robi BanerjiWhen it comes to studio work, Robi has done it all and worked with a who’s who in the music industry. Whether he is first engineer, assistant engineer, or producing, we get into the nitty-gritty of gear, recording technics, and why he has dedicated his entire life to his profession. From working with Daniel Lanois, to artists such as Big Sugar, Neil Young, The Stones and U2, there is no shortage of tales to be told. But it all comes down to the work for him and giving those artists exactly what they want. Born of Indian and Norwegian parents and raised in both, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, he feels blessed to have had so many different experiences while growing up. Flipping back and forth between recording and live work at The Mint in LA, Robi loves to change it up. This one is jammed packed.explicit

Episode 54: Sean Croley

Sean CroleySean is a faith driven individual still working on his inability to truly connect the way he’d like, with those closest to him. We wonder aloud if being adopted may have had an affect on him in this way. Working on his 3rd marriage he reflects on what it means to be present for your partner and recognizing the areas he would like to work on. A singer and keyboard player, we chat about getting lost in his recording studio while creating and how crucial music has been to his life, and how he deals with it. An honest talk from start to finish.explicit

Episode 53: Jeff Pitts

pittsThis is an episode we have chosen to re-release. We decided to pull it down last year after we originally put it out because of a controversy surrounding this particular guest. He was involved in a car accident that caused the death of a woman not long after we recorded his interview. At the time we pulled it out of respect for all involved, but as you will hear in the introduction to the podcast, there was a push to get it back up online from a friend of the family of the woman, and Jeff himself. We still resisted, as we were not interested in gaining an audience in that way. However, after a great deal of thought we have decided to release it once again. If we are to be true to the essence of this podcast, life stories rarely come in black and white. It is the grey where we mostly live.explicit